Today I hit a wall.
That moment where everything comes to a stop.

All the momentum you’ve worked on–The dishes, to the dishwasher, to the cabinets, to the sink, to the dishwasher…the clothes, to the dirty basket, to the washing machine, to the dryer, to the clean basket, to the person…the papers, to the students, to the piles, to the gradebook, to the students…the to-do list…the emails…the packed lunches…

There’s nothing wrong with the momentum. There are things that must be done. The work is good. But sometimes it comes to a crashing halt.

An unkind word, or thoughtless action. Even if it isn’t important.

It throws you off. It slows you down. The tears flow.

How do you keep going? How do you move forward? How do you find the joy again?

You rest. You duck for cover. 

Your instinct is to strive. To lash out. To plant bitterness. To give in.

Or maybe, to “fix it.”

But we can’t always “fix it.” Especially if it is another person. We can’t fix people. We can only love them.

When we hit a wall we must reset. We must stop and remember what is bigger than our little life. What is eternal. What is good. What is true. What is necessary.

We reach for why we are where we are. We have a calling. We have a job. We have a hope. 

Then we sleep. And we start over. With Grace.

Singing His Grace,


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