Dear Mom with a child under three…



I see you. I know how hard you work all day long. Forget that, you work all night long too!

A child under three needs constant attention.

A child under three cannot always express themselves with words. They cannot tell you how they feel, or what they want, or what might be hurting them.

A child under three is not very flexible. They need to eat and sleep and play and run and be held on repeat all day long.

A child under three is in constant danger. They are curious and into everything. You cannot take your attention off of them for a second.

A child under three is precious.

Moms, I just want you to know that if you are exhausted, if you feel like you have nothing left, if you feel like you might just go completely crazy keeping up with your little one, hang in there. That sweet little one is working hard too. He is growing. He is learning so much. He is watching you. And even if he doesn’t understand yet all that you do for him, one day he will.

Soon that child will be four then six then sixteen. And all those little minutes of playing and singing and reading and making messes…all of it adds up to a childhood.

So sweet mom, pray through the hard moments, sing through the tantrums, relax about the mess, rest when you can and keep going!

Singing His Grace & Cheering You On!


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