The other side

Finally, Caroline does not cry even the littlest bit when we put her to sleep at night! Hooray. It has been a long process of getting her to sleep at night. I’m sure there will be more challenges ahead, but for right now…I’m celebrating the peacefulness of quiet sleep!

(Sorry my posts have been short lately….I thought short would be better than nothing…it’s just been kind of busy!)

Oh Happy Day!

I used to bake cookies ALL THE time. Growing up my mom would always  have ingredients for chocolate chip cookies in the baking cupboard–Oh my gosh, I just realized where that word came from….a board used to put cups on! Weird. Anyway, baking cookies could quite possibly be one of my all time favorite things to do! Somehow it is the absolute picture of hominess (that’s not a word…I know…), comfort, and relaxation. In recent years (well since I met Derek) we buy Pillsbury fake’n bake cookies, which I have to admit are very good. However, there is something about making your own cookies from scratch, and the whole experience of baking the cookies that is so wonderful. Plus, I like to use my kitchen aid mixer. At one point in time I actually had the recipe memorized but now I just use which ever recipe is on the back of the chocolate chips. The recipe on the back of the Dollar General chocolate chips was actually very good. I’ve been meaning to write it down, because it had some slight differences in it. Well, I’ve got to go get the cookies out of the oven!