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getting ready for advent

So maybe you’ve done some preparing for Advent.
And maybe you’ve gathered some “tools,” arranged some candles, and stacked some books.
Maybe you’ve set out the nativity scene, whether it is made of porcelain¬†or plastic, it doesn’t matter…and maybe you’ve made a playlist of Christmas Hymns and worship songs.
And hopefully you’ve carved out some time in your busy December calendar to intentionally put Jesus first, after all he is a dear friend, the most important one in our lives…and hopefully our schedule reflects that. Or maybe Thanksgiving plans need to be behind you before you can even gather your thoughts. That’s okay too! I know much of my “getting ready” will happen this weekend.

Or maybe this year,  your plan is more simple. Just time with Jesus this season. That is a beautiful step of faith, and may be more fruitful than anything else.

But now, whatever your Advent plans may be…

Lets take a quiet moment and let us set the plans, the lists, and the ideas at Jesus feet. Let us ask Him to come near. Let us seek Him and His will and His kingdom first.

An Advent Prayer:

Lord, we want more of you. We want to see your face. We long to know you and to experience you in new and fresh ways. Would you use this Advent season for your glory? Would you infuse us with your love? Would you take this story of your birth and would you imprint our hearts and our minds with a fresh understanding of who you truly are? Jesus we know this world needs you, we know that your coming has changed everything, we know that you have done everything necessary to bring us back to you, but would you shine that truth through us? Let your church ring out with the good news! Let your people glorify your name! Let the radio stations and malls and places all over the earth be filled with the songs and the Truth of Christmas! Let our homes be filled with your spirit! As we light candles, as we sing of your birth, as we read from your word, may hearts be called to you. May the children in our homes have saving Faith, may the relatives who don’t know you see you in us, may our neighbors and our communities be filled with the hope of Jesus!

Lord, we pray against distraction. We pray against greed and selfish pride. We pray against anything that may try to steal our hearts from devotion to you this Christmas. Let us fight for what is holy, keeping our eyes fixed on you. Jesus, transform us as we seek you this Advent.

In Christ’s name.


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